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'Jester' is a pop-rock musical group formed by four young people from Sant Andreu de Palomar (Barcelona). Eloi as singer, Mateu as guitarist, Joan on bass and Pau on drums. They have been playing together for a few years and already have a few of their own songs that have been released.

Until now, Jester has performed a multitude of concerts, either in venues such as La Laut or Meteoro, outdoors at major festivals in the Sant Andreu district, such as on Twitch, and even at the Narcís Sala stadium. In 2021 they won the Acoustics competition at the Espai Jove Garcilaso with a prize of €1000 to produce his first four-song EP called 'Retrovisiones'. They are currently participating in the Taller de Músics Musical Cabal in which they carry out monitoring and mentoring until January 2024. At the moment they have done everything self-sufficiently and without any record company behind them.

The live performance is one of the facets that they want to reinvent and be able to offer the public an experience not only musical but also of high scenic quality. The objective is to offer a series of concerts that hybridize his music surrounded by a narrative that explains the history and origin of his name: Jester. They chose that name to vindicate the medieval figure of the jester, a not very highly valued character who offered a unique service to the most powerful and the people. In this series of shows they want to tell this figure in the form of a musical story in greater depth, relating it to new songs that are still in the ideation process.

Regarding the references, at first we wanted to give a modern and intercultural version of the figure already mentioned. However, they are interested in starting from musicians who have investigated the staging of their live performances such as Blur, Talking Heads, Manel... That is why they offer a series of high-quality videoclips and photographs so that the sound and visual go hand in hand at all times.



Photo Member Instrument
Pau Basté
Eloi Román
Joan Valentín
Mateu Vayreda