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ONES is a band in permanent evolution that establishes itself between rock and pop, passing through indie influences. All together with a sound of predominant and powerful percussion with electronic and modern touches, but also mixed with a more acoustic and melodic tenderness along with a deep and reflective lyrical content.

With multiple previous attempts behind us, in 2020, the time of pause and thought and the contribution of the points of view of all the members made it possible to realize that the way of the group could not be forced, but that it had to flow and find its own style without prejudices. At that point ONES was born, a band that is a last chance that its members give themselves in the world of music, with completely serious intentions and with the full intention of enjoying and involving the largest possible audience.

We want to talk and sing about the gratitude we have for the people and events that have betrayed us here and that are along with us in this stage. We are also concerned about their problems and interested in their daily vital motivations, which are directly linked to our own. Always with positive intention, we want to talk about friendship, brotherly or family love, celebrations, or even hard moments experienced and topics related to mental health. But, definitely, in a tone of gratitude and involving whoever wants to follow us.

ONES take the name from the calm of the Mediterranean Sea, from the power of the sound of music transported through the air and from the energy that we transmit and connects us human beings in an unattainable universe. In short, a group of individuals vibrating in different frequencies that collide and combine in total harmony.



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Guitarra i veus

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Entering 2023, while we have performed live and continue working on improving our live performances in all areas, ONES published our first EP: Metànoia. The work incorporates a total of six songs, of which two are unreleased (A tu and Què està passant) and four are singles already published, along with their respective video clips, throughout the year (El Far, Cendra, Has trobat el camí and La teua llum). However, the task of incorporating new sounds and composing and recording new songs does not stop.

This first EP addresses the primary feelings that emerge in a person's daily life in today's society, in a world where the frenetic pace, the intensity of relationships and the constant exposure to social media can change at an uncontrollable pace.