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We are a cover band with original songs.

Our story began unexpectedly in late 2019 when fate brought together three individuals with a strong desire to make music and share it on small stages in local venues and bars in the area.

The Moira family continued to grow, and 2020 was a crucial year in which we solidified our lineup with musicians and friends from throughout our lives.

Rooted in the pop and rock of the 90s, with notable influences such as Foo Fighters, Guns N' Roses, Coldplay, and U2, we have been working on a palette of sounds that blend melodic vocals, soft and distorted guitars, evocative keyboards, and rhythmic bases that walk and accompany the songs with both strength and subtlety.

Furthermore, one of the most exciting developments this year is our new EP titled 'Tastes Like Honey,' recorded at La Casa Murada studio. This work has allowed us to explore new facets of our music.

You can listen to our work on platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud, among others.



Photo Member Instrument
Guitar 2
Jordi B.
Drums/Electronic Keyboard
Jordi P.
Guitar 1

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A fundamental part of our history as the band Moira is made up of unique and exciting moments that we've had the opportunity to live. We want to share some of the most notable experiences:

In 2022, we had the honor of being the guest band in an edition of TEDxReus. This opportunity allowed us to share our music and our message with an audience that values creativity and innovation.

During various editions of the Christmas Musical events in Tarragona and Reus, we have been part of the musical celebrations, offering our music to enrich the Christmas festivities in the city.

In 2022, we participated in the TV3 cover song contest, showcasing our passion for performing songs we love and connecting with a broader audience through social media.

We've had the pleasure of being invited to several radio interviews. These opportunities have allowed us to connect with our followers and share stories and anecdotes about our music and our journey as a band.

We are excited to face new challenges and opportunities as we continue to grow as a band.