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Felix Arpa

I’m Felix Arpa, an indie psychedelic rock artist.

I started my music carrer the first week of 2020 with a single ‘Kindness’ with wich I planned to start a spiritual awakening into the listener. Following the same theme, I released an acoustic album called ‘Analogy of the Sun’ months after. Combining a spiritual message with love songs.

During mid-2020, I left the acoustic guitar behind to write a new album that saw the light in April 2021: ‘Balance’. Psychedelic guitar with long decay echoes that surround the listener, drum beats that take listener to the next level and lyrics that kept fidelity with the message in my previous work: Inner peace and love.

I’m a single artist who writes and composes all instruments. Self produced and 100% independent. In live shows, I play all the instruments, adding and removing layers of sound to create a unique atmosphere for the listener.

Inspired bu the great artists of the 60-70’s and modern artists with their own music style



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Felix Arpa

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I'm a single independent artist who plays all the instruments at once: Guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, vocals and handpan.

I offer a unique experience that combines elements of indie with psychedelic touches.

I take inspiration from artists such as Men I Trust, FKJ, Pink Floyd, Lana del Rey, Tash Sulatana, Cigarettes After Sex.