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Declivi is an emerging group of six boys from Manresa of indie rock in Catalan. The group consists of a voice, two electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, a bass and a drum. When we started, we knew practically nothing about each other, but quickly it felt like we had known each other forever. This is probably because we speak the same language. We talk about alienation, love and introspection in the form of a ballad, a protest song or in a more irreverent tone. We talk about who we are, what worries us and what future we want and we do it with music that invites us to laugh, scream or cry.
It's our way of being free, of channeling everything that worries us, that doesn't let us sleep. And by sharing this music we invite everyone to participate in this ritual, to slide down the decline of the world. Without ever ceasing to celebrate and claim what we are and always in our language, Catalan rock.
Catalan rock because we grew up with it, because it's part of our musical identity, because we don't remember a car trip when we were little when we didn't sing Pets, Lax'n'busto, Gossos or Sopa de Cabra.
We present ourselves with a live show that fluctuates from the deepest nostalgia to the festivity, transmitting all kinds of emotions to the viewer. The duration of this is between an hour and a quarter to two hours, which we fill with songs of our own collection and, perhaps, some occasional versions.

This is our project, we hope you will connect with it and we can enjoy the music we make together.

A hug,


Bernat, Marc, Max, Nil, Unai and Victor



Photo Member Instrument
Max Galindo
Acoustic Guitar
Unai Tenreiro
Victor Solé
Electric Guitar 1
Bernat Ledesma
Electric Bass
Marc Romera
Electric Guitar 2
Nil Navarro
Voice and Trumpet