The contest is over! 🥳


Engresca’t is a contest for all those new groups and DJs who want to make the leap to the musical scene and get to know each other.

This competition consists of two different categories: that of groups and that of DJs, which contest independently and in parallel.

The aim of the Engresca’t is to help popup DJs and groups grow, giving them the opportunity to open the Telecogresca scenarios.


Engresca't is organised by the Cultural Association Telecogresca, a non-profit association made up of telecommunications students who for more than 45 years have been organizing the most crowded university party in Catalonia.

How does the contest work?


To register for the competition you must create a group/DJ profile. Groups must submit between 3 and 5 topics of their own, with a total duration of between 10 and 20 minutes.

DJs must present a 20-minute session, with at least one theme of their own.


To pass through the first phase, your profile must obtain a minimum of 30 votes in the case of the groups and a minimum of 20 votes in the case of the Djs. Votes are held on the same website.
Each person can vote at most once in each group/DJ. If your profile does not achieve a total of 30 or 20 votes, you will be automatically excluded from the contest.


The main purpouse of this phase is to collect the maxim number of votes that you can. It still has the same voting format. The votes in the first phase accumulate for the second. At the end of the phase, the two groups and the DJ who have won the highest number of votes go directly to the final. Two DJs and two other groups will be selected by members of Telecogresca. Thus, a final of the Engagement will remain with 4 finalists for the group category and 3 finalists for the DJ category.


The finalist groups will have to play between 30 and 40 minutes while the DJs will play between 20 and 25 minutes. In this final there will be a jury that will decide the group and the winning DJ of Engresca't 2024.

You can find additional information about the enrolments and the end in the competition's bases.

For more information about the contest, please go to the following link: